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Autocomplete Lookups for Salesforce1

We all are seeing that Salesforce1 is evolving with every passing day and there is yet lot to be done. One of the many items is a custom lookup field on a Visualforce page.

Lightning design systems do provide us with the CSS we can use to create lookup fields the logic has to be written by the developer. Below is a basic example that can be used to implement the basic autocomplete version of the lookup field.

The auto complete text box is implemented using the CSS provided by Salesforce1 lightning design.

The Visualforce page uses Visualforce remoting to fetch records based on the user input. A call to the controller method is made every time a keyup event is fired and the results are updated.


  1. Great post, thanks! Could you please tell me how to access the contact ID of the selected element? j$('#lookup').val() returns the name of the selected contact but i would like to know the ID. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Dev. Id is saved as one of the attributes hence you can retrieve using that attribute value.
    var id = $('#lookup').attr('aria-activedescendant');

    1. '<a id="' + in your code doens´t work, so record id is not saved on the <a> element. Also changing your debug "console.log(this);" in "console.log(;" i see that is not the record id but undefined I tested in google Chrome.Any solution? Thank you.

    2. Here is the fixed and working code which alerts the Contact name and Id when you select a contact name:

  3. Gulshan, thanks a lot for that awesome post!
    (although it will be cool to remove the search words div if the input is blank, and also not doing a search on less than 2 letters.. But really great post so 10Q!!)

  4. can you please provide jquery_all static resource

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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