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Salesforce CPQ - Automatically add a Product to a Quote

Recently I have seen a question popping up on communities that how can we add a product dynamically to a quote (not within the bundle), based on a condition. I'll explain a few simple use cases below. These use cases refer to adding a product on a Quote Line Editor and the CPQ version installed is 214.6 Add a "Warranty" Product if "Macbook Pro" is added to the Quote. While I select "Macbook Pro" to add in my Quote, it should also add the "Warranty" product automatically to my Quote. 1. Product Rule : Create a Product Rule of type Selection and scope equals Quote.  Type: Selection Active: checked Conditions Met: All Scope: Quote Evaluation Event: Always 2. Error Condition : Add an error condition to the Product Rule. This product rule will run if this error condition returns true. As per the use case, it should run if there is a product added to the Quote with a Product code as "MBPRO" Tested Obje