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DumpIT - Adding / Ignoring fields

Default settings for DumpIT, migrates data for all the creatable fields of an object. For example, if the file ONLY mentions account as: process.objects =Account This migrates all creatable fields for "Account" object. There ar scenarios where you want to migrate data for certain specific fields or ignore certain fields, to do so you can use these given properties in the build properties file. Ignoring field: To avoid migrating a certain set of fields, add the below-given property: Account.ignorefields =Industry,OwnerId This will migrate all the Account creatable fields except the ones mentioned in the above statement. Selective fields: To migrate data for only selective fields, add the below-given property: Account.fields = Name,BillingAddress,RecordTypeId In this scenario, only the fields mentioned in the above statement will be migrated, make sure you select all the required fields for that object.